DLS Version 2.4 Testimonials

Home Page At the end of 2003, version 2.4 of DLS Order Entry software was tested at a call center employing over 200 phone agents with over 2000 incoming DNIS numbers.   During the testing over 2 million phone calls were handled by the newest version of DLS Order Entry software.   Here's what the staff had to say about it:

       How has DLS Order Entry software helped to expand the business?
  J. R. Training Director DLS Order Entry has helped to expand the business just by the simplicity of it. It's very user friendly. It has simple commands.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager Its expanded capabilities have helped us handle our clients' requirements, especially with large inventories. With its ability to capture all kinds of information and its interface with so many other systems and different client types...it's like one universal system.
  M.R. Director of Operations DLS has made us more efficient. With screen pop, phone agents get to the right script, often before the first ring. It has cut out useless time that agents were wasting. It has allowed us to track usage.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director DLS screen pop with capture of ANI and DNIS has helped to expand the business, plus, on the catalog side: inventory mix and match pricing, customization, and personalization of any item. And, viewing the call over the web will let us grow beyond where we are right now.
  J. S. Vice President Operations It has handled our Direct Response TV, catalog and telephony needs, including (for example) multi-item "kit" inventory items. Its overall ability to handle the flexibility our call center clients require has helped to expand our business.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer How DLS Order Entry has helped to expand the business is its flexibility. DLS makes it so we can take any new accounts we are offered. DLS can be customized for each potential client.

       How does DLS compare to other software you have used or checked out?

  J. R. Training Director At first it seemed not as capable, but after using it and seeing it evolve, it seems to have more of a broader spectrum. It seems to be very capable as shown by our landing as many accounts as we have with it.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager DLS is much more user friendly to program than having to learn SQL or FoxPro, etc. With only basic training, we are able to setup accounts and scripts and take calls. Its ease of use is better than I've experienced at other companies. And the logging tells you where you've gone wrong.
  M.R. Director of Operations Prior software I used at another center was very complicated. The prior software's relational emphasis might seem more powerful, but it really was more confusing. DLS is very linear and easier to use and easier for phone agents to understand the flow.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director DLS is so much more user friendly. It's multi-company, multi-client. Compared to what the small catalogers are paying for their systems, DLS costs a lot less.
  J. S. Vice President Operations Again, I fall back on the flexibility the DLS software offers in dealing with the variety of client platforms we encounter.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer We looked at one of the DLS competitors, but we deal with such a variety of clients that we went with the export capability and again the DLS flexibility. We haven't looked since.

       How has DLStart affected operations?
  J. R. Training Director From a phone agent's point of view, it makes them be more knowledgeable. From management's point of view, DLStart makes it easier to enforce the rules.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager DLStart has minimized the attention on computers. It has minimized agents straying off-task. It has pretty much locked down all stations to just running order entry.
  M.R. Director of Operations DLStart has freed up my time from figuring out who sat where and when in order to deal with someone who went to a porn site or downloaded games instead of taking calls.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director DLStart supports our security claims. A phone agent can't explore the system to look for credit cards or other sensitive client data.
  J. S. Vice President Operations Some people will do whatever they can get away with. DLStart has helped to minimize PC down issues by vastly limiting phone agent access to only mission related applications, due to its enhanced lock-down features, etc.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer DLStart is a detail that I don't know about.

       What value or potential do you see in DLBrows?
  J. R. Training Director From a training point of view, DLBrows makes it harder for phone agents to get off-task.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager DLBrows gives us customizable linking to any point in any script. We can also have our own internal customer service pages on our Intranet. With DLBrows our systems are more secure and phone agents stay on task.
  M.R. Director of Operations With DLBrows, we can dictate where the phone agent goes to and where they don't go to, on the Internet.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director DLBrows protects our clients, because we are not out where anyone (or their viruses) can get back in through the browser into client's data. Agents can't go elsewhere but where they should - in client web sites.
  J. S. Vice President Operations It lessens the potential for infections (viruses) by locking down agent stations, so that they no longer have the ability to freely browse the Internet.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer Again, DLBrows is another thing that I don't deal with.     But, yes, that I don't get problems from those areas is an answer in itself.

       How would you rate the programmability of DLS Order Entry software?
  J. R. Training Director A basically educated individual with some computer background can be trained in-house to program DLS software.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager "E" for very efficient. DLS Order Entry software gets the job done. It's only as good as your programmer.
  M.R. Director of Operations On a scale from one to ten, compared to others I've seen, DLS is a ten.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director The programmability of DLS software is second to none. It truly has the ease of a word processor with data entry fields attached.
  J. S. Vice President Operations Many DLS functions are easily programmable, other require some formal programming experience. Overall, we find it understandable and flexible and powerful.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer With DLS our IT department can program whatever we've needed, so I don't really know how to rate it. I think most of it is pretty easy, but some programming experience is needed. One of our IT staff has some formal training and is probably the best DLS programmer we've ever had.

       What are your favorite features of the DLS suite of programs?
  J. R. Training Director My favorite things in DLS are the DNIS popup - the screen pop, and the reliability. It only takes four to five hours of system training to get people on taking calls.
  B. J. I. T. Department Manager Automation.   Closings.   Flexibility.   Scheduling.   Client Output.   OMail Integration.   The ability to send immediately to callers and clients.
  M.R. Director of Operations The station lockdown, so phone agents have exactly the tools they need; and, the customization are my favorite features of DLS.
  S. B. Sales/Marketing Director My favorite parts of DLS are the web view of orders and reports online. The fact that we've never met a system we couldn't talk to. We interface with: DataMann, Commercial Ware, Mach 2, Ecometry, Mail Order Manager, and various custom systems. As an oursourcer, this is critical.
  J. S. Vice President Operations I like the Screen Pop. I like its Client/Server scalability to hundreds of stations. I like the Orders System module functionality. I like the OMail, the Automation, the Orders Controller set-up area. It's Solid.
  D.R. Chief Executive Officer The DLS computer telephony interface has been the biggest cost savings. It reduces training time. It decreases agent frustration.

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