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1. Aren't all Order Entry programs the same?
To take orders at all, there are some striking similarities; but not all Call Center Software is the same! We offer DLS software, the most flexible and programmable system for our industry, thus maximizing your ability to market a great many more Call Center services. You should not be restricted by your software on what market segments you want to pursue.

2. After installation, is technical support very expensive?
Not with TST, while other companies' minimum charges can run thousands of dollars per year, our programs require less care and feeding. Even for a small 8 position call center, the cost of other systems after installation can run in excess of $12,000.00 over a three year period, often doubling the cost of your system purchase. TST's support agreement is based on $150 per month for the entire system, you only pay more for special support beyond average monthly use.

3. Do you have documentation?
We provide 3 full color manuals along with updates in .PDF format with each system we deliver. This allows you to print out pages, chapters or even complete manuals as you need. Using Acrobat Reader you can search on any word or phrase.

4. What support and training are offered after installation?
Our tech staff is available 24 hours by 7 days. Our qualified technicians will take responsibility for all of our products. With your permission we will also conference with the vendors of any other systems on your site that connect to ours. In addition, our training schedule offers a curriculum of classes throughout the year in various locations around the US. The classes cover the basics on our system to the most advanced use of our software, as well as, call center marketing and management.

5. Can DLS provide real-time Internet connectivity?
Yes. This is a profit growth area. Today's savvy clients are asking to connect to their calls and reports via their own browser, to send HTML based email confirmations to callers, and to receive their order/call records via FTP.   With DLS you can provide these benefits.   TST established three of the world's first Internet Multi-Media Call Centers back in 1997. We have since installed our products in call centers from British Columbia to Florida and from California to Ontario. Tommorrow's technology is here now! We recommend that you consider all of the web-enabled features of our system and pass their benefits on to your clients and prospects.

6. What makes the DLS software easy to use?
To set-up a new call campaign only requires your client's name, their DNIS digits or other such code, their call campaign description and a file code. Press the Enter key a few times and DLS will begin automatically building your application for you. To create the script, DLS provides a simple word processor screen where you openly type whatever you want operators to say and create the data entry fields on the fly with pop-up menus, multiple database access, script branching, calculations and more. You can easily create multi-page scripts with real-time credit card and nationwide sales tax handling. Most of the system is controlled by you in a similar fashion. However, the power of DLS can be accessed whenever you need, by selecting any of its many flexible, advanced features, or by selecting one of its sample screens.

7. Would you briefly describe TST's technical superiority?
Here are a few areas to illustrate what DLS has been delivering its customers:
  • Web Page Pop from before the script or anywhere within it - At the begining of the call or during the call (per the caller's responses) you can pop up your client's specific web page and continue the call handling or order taking in your Internet browser. Upon return to our system, the call can be documented for reporting and billing.
  • Synchronize Orders From Web Pages - With MailQ, orders taken on web pages can be in your call center within seconds providing your client with full-service web/phone coordination for sales and customer service.
  • Export Capability to your client's computer systems - Our system can create exports of call information in so many different file formats, that we have not yet met a Main Frame, Mini-Computer, Macintosh or IBM Style PC to which the DLS software couldn't export data.
  • Multiple Ship To Addresses - As orders are taken, phone agents can easily accept special shipping situations where some line items need to be shipped to one address, while other products ordered might have to go to another address.
  • On Line Credit Card processing - Even while the phone agent continues with data entry, our system is processing credit card purchases in the background. Payment accepted or declined will appear on the screen as the phone agent moves on to other script and fields.
  • Email Confirmations sent after each call or later in batches - Our OMail system will send email with reports, orders or large files attached to your clients and/or their fulfillment house. Additionally, it will send call confirmations and/or receipts to callers after each call.
  • Inbound Email Handling - Respond to your clients' inbound customer service email or orders. This is what your phone agents can be doing during the slower times between live calls.
  • Inventory Programmability - Catalogs and inventories have a variety of search methods (item code, description, cross reference, etc.) Any item can have price levels, special taxing, special shipping, back order handling, paragraphs of additional information, photographs to see the item, upsell and cross-sell formulas that dynamically prompt when appropriate, and more.
  • Locator Service - Our “dealer locate” shows mileage, lets you set “round robins”, provides additional data about each location, can fax or e-mail to the caller and to the location, and can generate “follow-up letters” customized with the recommended locations for each caller.
  • Appointment Scheduling - DLS will schedule meetings, reservations, appointments, etc.; handle cancellations and rescheduling and if needed automatically print or send updated schedules to your clients. This feature like most features can be combined with the others to create customized and specialized call scripts to handle all kinds of call campaigns.
  • License Flexibility - You may put our software on as many computers as you like, anywhere in your offices and call center; then, based on your number of licenses, users may go to any PC to work, up to the number of simultaneous DLS connections allowed.
  • Screen Pop - For many of the phone systems with which the DLS software connects, an incoming phone call can trigger the automatic selection of the correct account and its screens for presentation to the operator.
  • Browser Access - With DLS, your call center clients can access their calls and orders live over the Internet. Your client may use their Internet Browser over their own connections to get reports and look up recent or any calls or orders.
  • And much, much more...

8. Is your price higher than the others?
TST offers a low entry price for 4 agent positions. In addition we offer 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200+ agent position system pricing that is competitive with any other Call Center system available. Add our great savings on tech support and we will save you money for years to come.

9. Can I network with other call centers to take overflow?
Yes, as we continue to deliver new systems, our customer base expands and diversifies. The DLS software permits copying scripts and call records to other centers as easy as copying word processor files. Using DLS and a common long distance carrier, different sites can share campaigns, with either shared on-line database access, or periodic database replication.

10. Can I start with a select market and not offer all the services your software permits?
Many of our clients do just that, the key is that they are not limiting their marketplace by purchasing other software which can limit their business plan! When ready, our clients can expand into new markets without having to purchase additional items.

11. Will your company handle my computer hardware and network needs?
Again, yes, if you wish. We've handled thousands of PCs and hundreds of networks, and we can get you fully connected to the Internet, as well. Let us know how we can be of service.
Thanks for looking over this FAQ sheet.
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Thanks again. We hope to be of service to you and to your company.

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